From now on, you can receive your orders from Temu in Armenia with direct, fast, and free deliveries through Onex. Details here.

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Just send us a link of the product and we will make the purchase


We will make the purchase and deliver to Armenia quickly and safely

Cannot be blank.

Տվյալ խանութն այս պահին հասանելի չէ ծառայության համար:

Insert the link

Copy and paste the link of the product you like in the corresponding field.

We will buy for you

We will make a purchase using the link you provided.

Receive your order

Your order will be sent to Armenia quickly and safely

Standard service comission is 5% of the product cost, but not less than 2000 AMD. Service comission from Special stores is 10%, but not less than 4000 AMD. Service comission for orders from Russia is 12%, but not less than 4000 AMD. The cost of the service for customers with Prime status is 3%, 8% and 10% respectively.
Payment for delivery is made by receipt of the order in Armenia.
We are not responsible for the quality of the order, the purchase is made using the links provided by you.
To make a purchase, you must provide product details (link, size, quantity, model).
You need to refill your account with a card or Telcell/EasyPay services on the ONEX personal page using your ARM code. You can also use a Inecobank's paylater payment option.

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