From now on, you can receive your orders from Temu in Armenia with direct, fast, and free deliveries through Onex. Details here.

Frequently asked questions

Parcels can be received using Smart Wall at Onex Citadel and Onex Arabkir pickup points.

Mon-Sat: 09:00-21:00, Sun: 12:00-18:00

After the parcel arrives in Armenia, it is stored free of charge for 180 days, after which the customer is asked to pay the cost of transportation, or the parcel is liquidated by the company’s decision.

According to customs legislation:

1․ If the cost of each parcel arriving in the Republic of Armenia addressed to an individual, does not exceed 200 euros, and the weight does not exceed 31 kg, then no customs duty is charged.

2․ If the weight of the imported parcel does not exceed 31 kg, and the value exceeds 200 euros, then for the part exceeding 200 euros, a customs duty of 15% is charged.

3․ If the weight of the parcel exceeds 31 kg, then a customs fee of 15% of the total price of the parcel is charged at the rate of 2 euros for each kg exceeding 31 kg.

The customs fee is paid after the parcel arrives in RA.

It is necessary to declare the price of the parcel in advance in the ONEX system. During the inspection at the customs office, if there are no other questions for the customs officers, the consignment is handed over to us and transported to the client's main pickup point.

The customs fee can be paid:

1․Online, directly from your Onex personal page,

2․Through the EasyPay system,

3․By visiting the bank, making the payment and providing us with the payment check.

The “Home Delivery” service is available in Yerevan, the cost is 500 drams.

For a parcel weighing 10 kg or more or in case of 10 or more parcels, the “Home Delivery” service is provided FREE OF CHARGE.

The Home Delivery service is also free for Prime members.

Yes, Locker Delivery is free, but you need to pick up the parcel from Locker within 2 W/D after its placing. After the expiration date, it will be sent back to your main pickup point and 500 drams will be charged from your account.

If the MT code was specified by you when making the purchase, but the MT code was not specified on the label of the package by the seller's website, then the order is sent by air.

Yes, if the parcel was ordered by air, but you want it to be delivered by sea, then before the package arrives at the overseas warehouse, you need to add the parcel tracking code as an expected parcel by selecting your preferred delivery method. After arriving at a foreign warehouse, the parcel is sent to the Republic of Armenia using the selected delivery method.

The parcels are provided to Haypost after paying the cargo transportation cost of the parcel during 1 working day. It is also necessary for the customer to fill in the passport data on the Onex personal page.

In order to always receive parcels from the locker, it is necessary to select the locker as the pickup point.

After reaching RA, the parcel(s) will be automatically sent to the locker. It is possible to change the main pickup point to a locker with the web version, if there is no parcel in RA with the “Ready for pickup” status.

It is necessary to activate the “Home Delivery” service in the “Settings” section of the Onex personal page.

As soon as the parcel arrives in the Republic of Armenia, you must confirm the application for the “Home Delivery” service.

To get “ONEX PRIME MEMBER” status, it is necessary to have 100 or more accepted orders during the previous 1 year. The number of orders is calculated at the beginning of each month.

The status is provided for free and for 1 year.

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