From now on, you can receive your orders from Temu in Armenia with direct, fast, and free deliveries through Onex. Details here.


In order to get ONEX PRIME MEMBER status, you need to have 100 or more orders during the previous year

  • The status is provided free of charge and for 1 year
  • The order quantity is calculated on the 1st day of each month


ONEX PRIME MEMBER status gives the following advantages:

  • Free “Home Delivery ” service.
  • A separate service window when receiving an order from the Smart Wall at the Citadel pickup point.
  • Special service by Prime customer service department over the phone.
  • Special service from Prime customer service department via Telegram chat.
  • 20% discount for exports from Armenia to USA.
  • The option to choose your personal ARM CODE.
  • The cost of the "Buy for me" service is 3%, and for special stores - 8%.
  • Additional privileges to use the services of our partner organizations.

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