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1. Acceptance of goods in a foreign warehouse

  1.1 In order to use the Onex goods' handling services, the Customer is obliged to send his goods to the address of the International Onex warehouse.

  1.2 On the cargo, the addressee part shall reflect all the information provided by Onex, otherwise Onex is not responsible for the rejection of acceptance of the goods in the warehouse, for the delay of its identification, for the delay in delivery or for failure to deliver. If the MT code is missing on the parcel, the parcel will be shipped by air.

  1.3 The goods are considered accepted when they are accepted by Onex employees, identified and entered into the system through scanning.

  1.4 Acceptance of goods is made within 1 (one) business day after the actual delivery to the warehouse.

  1.5 As a result of scanning and identification of the goods the Customer's personal page will contain the following information:

  a) Tracking number,

  b) recipient in the Republic of Armenia,

  c) countries of delivery and receipt,

  d) delivery method

  e) date of receipt,

  f) actual weight,

  g) cost of delivery.

2. Repacking

  2․1 If it is necessary to reduce or consolidate the actual and/ or volumetric weight of the goods, Onex has the right to repack the goods at its own discretion. Repacking is free of charge.

  2․2 Repacking is not performed at US (marine) and RF warehouses.

3. Banned goods

  3․1 Onex is not obliged to transport goods that are prohibited from being transported by the laws of the state where the warehouse is located or by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

  3․2 Depending on the chosen method of the transportation of goods as well as the country of the warehouse, the list of prohibited items can be found on the Customer's personal page, in the section of addresses of foreign warehouses.

  3․3 In case of receipt of the prohibited goods in the warehouse, Onex is not responsible for them and the Customer is responsible for the return, destruction or storage of the goods in the warehouse in full.

  3․4 In any case, Onex does not transport weapons, ammunition, bullion or scrap of precious metals, foreign currency, cigarettes, dangerous, explosive or flammable substances, plants or animals.

  3․5 All goods with identification problems admitted to the China warehouse will be disposed after 3 months.

  3․6 All goods that are prohibited for air delivery will automatically be sent by sea.

4. Organization of the transportation of goods

  4.1 After acceptance and registration of the goods in the warehouse, Onex organizes the transportation of the goods to the Republic of Armenia.

  4.2 The duration of the transportation of goods starting from the acceptance of the goods in the foreign warehouse up to the delivery to the RA is made in accordance with the schedule.

Country Delivery method Delivery time
USA AIR 5 - 9 working days
USA sea 3 - 4 months
CHINA AIR 5 - 10 working days
CHINA sea ≈ 3 months
GREECE ground 6 - 11 working days
ITALY New ground 8 - 13 working days
UK AIR 5 - 10 working days
GERMANY AIR 5 - 10 working days
RUS AIR 2 - 3 working days
RUS ground 5 - 10 working days
DUBAI AIR 5 - 10 working days

  4.3 The cargo transportation period may be violated (changed) due to seasonal load, force majeure or other circumstances independent of Onex. Partial or full compensation for shipment delay is provided by Onex only at its sole discretion, due to the reasons for the delay.

  4.4 The Customer agrees that in the cases referred to in Clause 4.3 of these General terms and conditions, he has the right to apply for a refund for the delay by Onex, but agrees and accepts that in any case, partial or full refund is permitted at the discretion of Onex, and the Customer undertakes to take the appropriate decision as final and not to appeal it.

  4.5 In the event that the Customer violates the requirements of clause 4.4 of the General Terms and Conditions and appeals against the relevant decision of Onex, the Customer shall bear all costs associated with the process of appeal and the outcome, including state duty, attorney's fees and other expenses.

5. Declaration of information about goods

  5.1 Before the goods arrive in Armenia, the Customer must declare the information on the price of the goods (invoice price) on the personal page of Onex, which will be automatically transferred to the customs authorities.

  5.2 In cases where the price of the goods is not declared, the customs authorities have the right to determine the price of the goods in the manner prescribed by law.

6. Arrival of the goods

  6.1 Customer agrees that in the process of customs inspection of importing goods imported into the Republic of Armenia through Onex LLC, at the request of the Customs Authority of the Republic of Armenia, Onex LLC (employees of Onex LLC) is the Customer’s representative in the customs authorities of the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia. The customer unconditionally agrees that the actions of Onex LLC (Onex LLC employees) in the process of customs inspection of goods are performed on his behalf.

  6.2 After the goods arrive in the Republic of Armenia, Onex notifies the Customer by e-mail, informing about the receipt procedures and terms.

  6.3 The goods of natural persons are taken from customs and delivered to addressees in cases where the customs authorities do not object the declared prices or the goods are not banned for import by a natural person

  6.4 The goods of legal entities delivered from countries that are not members of the Eurasian Economic Union, Onex leaves for storage in the customs terminal, and the process of customs clearance is carried out by the Customer himself. In case of delivery from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, if there are all the necessary documents, Onex takes the goods from the customs and transfers them to the Customer.

7. Place and order of receipt of goods

  7.1 The client can choose the most convenient place to receive the parcel from the addresses available on the website. After the parcel arrives in Armenia, it will be delivered free of charge to the place of receipt of the order and will be ready for pick-up in Yerevan within the next working day, in the regions of RA and Artsakh - within 1-2 working days.

  7․2 The customer or the receiver can receive the goods, starting from the moment when on the client's personal page, in the corresponding order line there will be the following note: "Ready to receive".

  7․3 At the place of receipt of the order "Citadel" or "Arabkir", orders are delivered using ONEX SMART WALL. By clicking the "SEE THE BARCODE" button on the personal page or in the mobile application, the Customer will receive a personal barcode, which must be scanned into ONEX SMART WALL to receive the packages. Before scanning, you need to recharge your ONEX account online, through the terminal or on the spot, in cash.

  7․4 The client or his addressee must receive the item within 180 days from the date of arrival in Armenia, otherwise it will be considered ownerless.

  7․5 The client can choose “Home Delivery” or “Locker Delivery” services (see points 9 and 10).

8. Cost of service and payment method

  8.1 The cost of the Service of Onex for individuals is determined by the actual weight, excluding super-sized packages.

  8.2 For all legal entities, as well as for natural persons, RF standard shipments, as well as sea freights from the USA and China, the shipping cost is based on the maximum of cargo’s physical and volumetric weight.

  8.3 The package is considered super-sized if the sum of the aspect ratio exceeds 150 cm and the volume weight is 2 times the volume weight. In this case, the calculation takes into account the bulk weight of the package and there are special discounts.

  8.4 The volumetric weight is calculated according to the following international formula: Length X Width X Height / 5000 (in case of cm/ kg)

  8.5 Price list of the transportation of goods:

Country Minimum Volumetric weight Tariff (1kg)
USA (shipping by air) If there is no super volumetric weight 6.000 AMD
USA (shipping by sea) up to 10 kg – 15.000 drams 1.500 AMD
CHINA (shipping by air) If there is no super volumetric weight 8.000 AMD

parcel weighing 3 kg & more - 7.850 AMD

CHINA (shipping by sea) up to 1 kg – 1.500 drams 1.500 AMD
GREECE (shipping by ground)
If there is no super volumetric weight 3.000 AMD
ITALY (shipping by ground) New
If there is no super volumetric weight 3.500 AMD
GREAT BRITAIN (shipping by air) If there is no super volumetric weight 6.000 AMD
GERMANY (shipping by air) If there is no super volumetric weight 6.800 AMD
RUSSIA (shipping by air) If there is no super volumetric weight 2.000 AMD
RUSSIA (shipping by ground) up to 4 kg – 4.000 drams If the sum of the parts 1.000 AMD
UAE (shipping by air) If there is no super volumetric weight 5.000 AMD

  8․6 The payment for the service is made by recharging the Customer's personal account on Onex website and transferring the commission to Onex account. The following payment options are available:

  a) Online: on Onex website, on the Customer's personal page.

  b) Bank transfer: for legal entities,

  c) through EasyPay payment terminals;

  8.7 Weight is rounded up to the nearest 100 grams.

9. "Home delivery" service

  9․1 Once the parcels arrive in Armenia, the Customer can choose "Home Delivery" service through his/her personal page on Onex website for all locations in Yerevan.

  9․2 Price for "Home delivery" service is 500 AMD.

  9․3 Delivery of goods weighing 10 kg or more is FREE.

10. “Locker Delivery” service

   10.1 After the parcel arrives in Armenia, the client can choose the “Locker Delivery” service from his/her personal page on the Onex website, if the place of receipt of the parcel is "Citadel" or "Arabkir".

   10.2 “Locker Delivery” service cannot be ordered in the following cases:
- If the parcels do not physically fit into the locker storage,
- If the number of parcels exceeds 9,
- If there is a customs obligation.

   10․3 "Locker Delivery" service is provided FREE OF CHARGE.

   10․4 The client is obliged to receive the parcel within 2 working days, otherwise it will be returned to the main place of receipt, for which a fine will be applied.

11. Liability

  11․1 For the loss or damage of cargo, Onex is liable from the time when the Warehouse accepts it by scanning and identifying the goods.

  11.2 The parties agree and acknowledge that during the provision of the Service, Onex shall bear liability (compensate) for the damage or loss of the Parcel up to the maximum amount of the Parcel’s price (invoice value). Moreover, in each case, the final amount of the liability (compensation) is determined by Onex and is not subject to dispute.

  11.3 In all cases, Onex is not responsible for any hidden defects or damages of the goods, nor for external damage to the goods if the package/box was not damaged during the transportation or if there is no causal relationship between the damage to the package/ box and the external damage.

  11.4 The client is obliged to receive the cargo transported to Armenia, and in case of refusal the Customer must pay the full cost of freight transportation to Onex within a week.

  11.5 The client is responsible for the confidentiality of the individual barcode provided to receive the parcel.

12. Bonuses and how to use them

  12․1 The 5% of the amount charged for the delivery of goods is calculated as a bonus(10% for prime members) and transferred to the bonus account of an individual customer, which can be used at the next payment for delivery. This point is valid for acceptance of goods in ONEX foreign warehouse until 31 March, 2020.

  12․2 Onex can provide other bonuses.

  12․3 To apply the bonus, you need to transfer your money from the bonus account to your current account in the Customer's personal page on the Onex website.

  12․4 Upon termination of this Agreement by the Customer, the bonuses that he accumulated are nullified and cannot be used any further.

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